Eric sees things in a different perspective. His birds-eye view of our project provided a unique and powerful graphic for an important cover story in our magazine. How he managed to visualize and construct such a detailed finished product from a handful of sketches, drawings and photos, amazes me."

-Dan Acree, publisher, Texoma Living magazine

"Big City Maps are dynamic, colorful and very detailed. You get the map in every format you need in a timely and professional manner. The best around!"

-John Lambrecht, Destination Bloomington - Home of the Mall of America


Big City Maps

Mapping and illustrating big cities, tourist villages, and university campuses!

Big City Maps creates colorful and accurate custom map illustrations of travel destinations. Places large and small all get the Big City treatment! These include:

These places brighten and lift the spirit, which is why people flock to them for pleasure and business.

Why Big City Maps Is Special

Big City Maps researches these places from all angles; from aerial views to walking the streets at ground level with a clipboard and hand-written notes. Around every corner, a city can change its personality. It is the goal of Big City Maps to find the best view and color pallette to illustrate this in a logical and clean way.

The big idea is for the maps to depict these places so that readers are encouraged to personally discover a new place for themselves, and once there, guide people with illustrated landmarks. These maps lend a sense of sophistication to the destination place, whereas other maps are just lines, dots, and labels.

My tag line is also my goal: "Revealing the Essence of Place." Email or call me for a quote about creating a new image for your special place!