Eric sees things in a different perspective. His birds-eye view of our project provided a unique and powerful graphic for an important cover story in our magazine. How he managed to visualize and construct such a detailed finished product from a handful of sketches, drawings and photos, amazes me."

-Dan Acree, publisher, Texoma Living magazine

"Big City Maps are dynamic, colorful and very detailed. You get the map in every format you need in a timely and professional manner. The best around!"

-John Lambrecht, Destination Bloomington - Home of the Mall of America

About Big City Maps

Eric Hunden is the artist behind Big City Maps, where the magic and beauty of architecture and urban design are artfully combined with traditional cartography to create maps that truly speak to people. The tag line, "Revealing the Essence of Place" is at the heart of his customized illustrations. He hails from a landscape resembling your kitchen counter top; central Indiana. Without hills, a sea shore, or any significant geographic feature in the area, his attention focused on cities and buildings, and the manmade creation of the urban fabric.

In choosing a college, Eric imagined a lush place of hills and lakes, and he followed his heart to... Kansas. After studying architecture for four years at the comparatively hilly Kansas State University, he decided his passion was mapping, and changed his major to Geography, with an emphasis on urban planning and cartography. He occasionally travelled the country to take in the qualities that make every city, town, and campus unique unto its own. After graduating, he blazed a trail northward to the land of 10,000 lakes, a few hills, interminable winters (only occasionally interrupted by a few weeks of heat and mosquitos), and an "arts mecca"; Minneapolis.

Eventually, the desire to experience his passion for illustrating special places prompted Eric to strike out on his own and form Big City Maps. He's been contracted by organizations coast to coast, including universities and convention and visitors bureaus, lending a sense of sophistication to their image by creating colorful and accurate map illustrations. In addition, Big City Maps is the sole cartographer for Hunden Strategic Partners of Chicago, an insightful consulting firm specializing in hotel, convention and arena facilities, and general urban destination development.

When not creating virtual cityscapes, the best way he likes to spend time is the good old fashioned road trip on old highways littered with diners, amusement parks, greasy spoons, forgotten towns, hillsides with a roadside scenic view, and as always, the Big City.